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One couple, two motorcycles exploring the world turn by turn…


Fun Facts

  • *Was born in eastern Germany when the Wall was still up.
  • *Speaks Dutch from the time she participated in Horse Back Riding Championships in NL.
  • *Sings 90's songs out loud under her helmet.
  • *Listens to about one audio book each week while riding to work.
  • *Makes the best Apple-Crumble-Cheesecake.

Motorcycling and traveling in Africa have always been things I wanted to do. It’s been these “one day, I might” thoughts for me. Starting to ride my own motorcycle has opened up a whole new world to me. This hobby turned into a lifestyle and enabled my personality to flourish in new ways. I have no doubt, this entire trip will change a lot more for me. I am excited to share this experience with an interested audience, possibly inspireing more people to dare to step out of their comfortzone once a while.

Throughout the years, I’ve been lucky enough to visit all continents, including Antarctica. The world is a beautiful place, but one continent just feels magical to me: Africa. The question was only when, not if, I would ride through this spectacular place on earth on a motorcycle. Now the time has come, and I realize I am extremely lucky to be able to do this with my wife. Hopefully our stories and pictures will inspire others to get into the wild too. If we can do it…


Fun Facts

*Loves the apple-crumle-cheesecake that Maike makes
*Doesn’t like to get his hair cut (luckily he has little anyways)
*Once owned a Honda Goldwing (yup, 1985 model!)
*Drove from Santa Monica, California to New York City on a motorcycle

Technical skills

Our WhY

How often do we talk about something we dream about doing one day? How often are we stuck in daily routine, daydreaming of being somewhere else? Yeah, been there done that… Always looking forward to the next vacation, to the next little escape, longing for the unknown out there. During one of these little escapes, at a farm in Italy (a fact that is totally irrelevant to the story), we figured it is time to cut the cr*p. No more talking. No more dreaming. No more wishing. Let’s just do this! Our bucket list of places we want to go on motorcycles is endless, but it is time to tick one off: we are going to RIDE from Switzerland to South Africa!

But why South Africa? Well… While we love our normal (to society’s standards) and comfortable life in Switzerland, we feel like we still have so much to learn from the world. Working on ocean cruise ships gave both of us both a little taste of the world as well as it’s variety of cultures and a chance to visit wonderful places, but Africa remains a mystery to us. We feel that it is here, being it the apparent birthplace of human beings, that we are able to gain a better understanding of life and that cultural differences can enrich our appreciation for this planet even more.

Oh, and we simply love to ride our motorcycles all day long, and from Europe you’d have to go either East or South. While we chose the South this time, who knows where the journey takes us afterwards…

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