With every mile that you are further away from home, trust becomes more and more important.

Motorcycle & Rider Gear

Find out what riding gear we use – and why.

Charity & Sustainability

Our CO2 footprint will be compensated, therefore we travel climate neutral. We'll also take a personal look at some special projects.

Travel Equipment

Riding all day is great – but how and where do we sleep at night? What do we need besides our motorcycle?

Motorcycle & Rider Gear

These two Tiger 900 Rally Pro are the other main protagonists of our trip. Zebro and Rhino will reliably and safely take us thousands of kilometres through every conceivable terrain. Comfortably over a modern motorway or agilely through rough terrain – these motorbikes can master practically anything.

After we’ve been riding with Cardo for the first time, we knew there was no way back anymore for us. Whether riding alone, with just the two of you or a group, this multi-talented communications system just gets the job done. Quality, both build and sound, is in our opinion second to none. Cardo has truly enriched our riding experience and enjoyment. This system simply works and we are not riding without it anymore.

Whether on-road or off-road – the Gamin zumo XT shows us the way and the inReach Mini even helps us to communicate it simultaneously to friends and family. For us, these devices are not just a practical addition to our equipment, they fulfil important safety aspects.

A safe helmet is important on every motorbike ride. A perfectly fitting, lightweight and optimally ventilated helmet is all the more crucial the longer the journey is to last. From the moment we first held the Krios Pro from KLIM in our hands, we knew: this is the right helmet to satisfy our high demands!

The tyres we trust on the road as well as on gravel or sand on our trip to South Africa. We have chosen these tyres based on a recommendation from other world travellers and can only confirm the positive feedback. The all-rounder with an impressive durability.

Safety, functionality and a great design – we could not ask for more. We are pleased to be comfortably dressed on and off the bike. During such a journey we cannot be squeamish with our clothes. Fortunately we don’t have to be. Everything we wear from SCOTT stands out for its durability.

Anyone who wants to travel by motorcycle for several months through the most diverse countries and continents must be well organised. Organisation when packing makes all the difference if you want to travel relaxed and not be completely overloaded. Thanks to our SW-Motech bags and other accessories we are well equipped.

Charity & Sustainability

Climate change and its effects are among the greatest challenges of the 21st century. carbon-connect AG is a provider of voluntary CO2 compensation measures and ensures that all CO2 emissions of our trip are recorded and calculated (mobility, overnight stays, meals etc.). In a second step, the CO2 emissions are then offset via a climate protection project, thereby making the entire trip climate-neutral. 
We find it incredibly exciting to learn more about climate protection projects and to discover new possibilities for us to further minimise our ecological footprint.

Travel Equipment

We really treated ourselves to something here – a particularly comfortable home for when you’re on the move. The tent offers a large sleeping area with enough space for two motorcyclists and our equipment. The storage area offers space to relax, cook or dry your equipment. This tent is the reason why we really enjoy camping.

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