Communication is key – we’ve found our first partner!

Visiting EICMA this year was similar to visiting friends. The day simply flew by in no-time as we, for the first time, got to speak with great people about our upcoming adventure. Cardo Systems Ltd, or simply Cardo, was able to squeeze us into their busy schedule and took a lot of time for us. Since about a year we are riding with communication systems from Cardo, more specifically the PackTalk Bold, and are extremely happy with the product. So it comes natural that also during Africa journey, we cannot go without our Cardo systems. This little product made our lives so much easier and brought so much joy. A ride without “Hey Cardo, let’s rock!” is nowadays simply unheard of. Knowing that, we are extremely grateful and happy that Cardo supports us during our Africa adventure. Yeehaa, our journey together continues!

When travelling into the unknown, even though you can barely plan a thing, it is great knowing that you can rely on your gear. The communication system from Cardo is one of those; our PackTalks have not left us in the dark yet. Such systems can be extremely frustrating if not working properly. We have learned that the hard way. But, since we are riding with Cardo, this is one less thing to worry about. Especially when travelling with two persons on two motorcycles, Cardo does not only add to the fun, it also increases our safety and security. You simply ride way more relaxed knowing that you can always get in touch with each other in case of an emergency.

We believe in Cardo’s technical know-how and skills – and no shortage of that! Their booth at the EICMA 2019 showed that Cardo is implementing the newest techniques into their devices and is thinking not only one, but two steps ahead. The arcade systems they had standing around might have been 10 steps back, but they were definitely double the fun! Lennart loved riding the virtual super bikes… On the serious note however, we did get in touch with two of the software designers. Although of course we do not know the insights of what’s coming and are already happy with our devices anyways, we know that Cardo is working full steam ahead on new products and do so with great competence. We are extremely looking forward to visiting Cardo in Israel at the beginning of our trip, shortly before making our way to the African continent.

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