October 2020

Traveling climate neutral

When planning the trip, we would try to cover as much as possible just riding our motorcycles over land. However, due to the travel restrictions regarding Corona, we could’t ride south into Africa anymore. Spontaneously we choose to go north at first instead. This adjustment of the route has a serious disadvantage: although we only cover a little more kilometers, we now add significantly more flight and ship kilometers. In… Read More »Traveling climate neutral

The beginning of a great idea… or not?

Usually, one does not wake up one day, deciding to go on a motorcycle trip through Africa for half a year. Neither did we, in case you were wondering. But yes, we had plenty dreams we would talk about with each other. Mostly, this discussion would go like “one day we should… “ or “I really wish we could go…”. In July 2019 we went to a small farm in… Read More »The beginning of a great idea… or not?